We accept the love that we deserve

john green have had enough of your shit


I went jogging this morning and i noticed a guy was following me and i was so scared lmfao my heart was pounding and then he finally caught up to me and said “hey you dropped 50 bucks” and i took it and started running and while i’m running i’m laughing because the 50 dollars didn’t belong to me

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Last year I was depressed and self harmed. I had no friends, I felt like my parents cared more about their jobs than they did about me, the person that I loved had committed suicide and I was a huge mess. I was bullied for 4 years and in result of that it made me question all the time what was wrong with me. So on October 4th 2013 I tried to kill myself by overdosing. I thought this is it. If I just die then all the pain, all this stress all this hurt will just go away, nobody will even care. But I was wrong. Because my sister found me laying on my bedroom floor and she called an ambulance and I was saved. My sister saved my life. And to be honest I am so happy that she did because if my sister didn’t call that ambulance I wouldn’t have the amazing friends that I have today, if my sister didn’t save me, that person last week wouldn’t have given me a tulip (which is ironically my favourite flower) and said “have a beautiful day” if my sister didn’t save me, I wouldn’t have learned to express my feelings through poetry. And if my sister didn’t save me I wouldn’t have known that in life there is always hope and even though it’s not always visible it is still there. Guys there is always hope okay. Whatever is happening in your life right now whatever pain you’re feeling it is not permanent okay, and you need to know that there is hope for everyone and people do care.


This is not my picture but she didnt want to post it lol. I know, i know, i suffer too bc shes perfect 😭 Leave me alone to die of depression cause shes perfect❤️ her name is Alessia but you can call her Alice


The ship is called Violate because it is violating my emotions. 

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